World War II

Soldiers without guns

"Soldiers without guns"

Adolph Treidler, 1944

World War II called artists and advertising experts into service creating not only posters, but also radio broadcasts, newsreels, and leaflets that included public service announcements about public drives, such as buying war bonds or planting victory gardens, reminders about current regulations, and encouragement to continue in the determination to win.

Poster creators included unnamed advertising professionals working for government agencies or manufacturers as well as known artists like Adolph Treidler, who created posters for both world wars.

World War II posters featured new advertising techniques by incorporating photographs, photomontage, and collages, with less text than the typical World War I poster. Posters were also produced in a wider variety of sizes during World War II, with some as large as billboards and others small enough to be posted in train cars.