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National Convention Badges

This exhibit includes badges from every American Legion National Convention, honoring those who serve the nation, reflecting the broader issues of the times and representing the American Legion’s motto: “Veterans Strengthening America.”


National Headquarters through the American Legion's first century

From the American Legion’s first days, staff at National Headquarters have have represented the organization's commitment to remember and honor the struggles and sacrifices of war, and to support veterans and their families.

This exhibit explores the buildings National Headquarters has occupied over the past century and discusses the work of National Headquarters staff.


World War Posters

“The war was not just a series of battles, but...with it life had to be lived as gallantly as possible”
Verna B. Grimm, 1937

Posters formed the background of everyday life throughout the 20th century, but especially during the world wars. This exhibit briefly explores the role posters played in wartime society and displays many of the posters in The American Legion Poster Collection. 


For my Country: the life and service of Franklin D'Olier

Exploring the life and work of Franklin D’Olier, the first national commander of The American Legion, For My Country  uses materials from the American Legion Archives and the Emil A. Blackmore Museum, including many newly digitized photos and artifacts. This exhibit was organized by staff of the Emil A. Blackmore Museum in 2020.